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McKeesport Daily News Article
July 13, 1999

Momtrepreneurship. The definition - The combination of (Mom and entrepreneurship. That is the right mix for Maria T. Bernardo Brady, a McKeesport native who lives in North Huntingdon Twp.

She started her business in 1996 after 10 years of working in marketing for regional and community banks. She develops strategic plans, creates advertising and direct mail campaigns, manages media relations and sells ad specialty items.

Her clients are primarily financial institutions or businesses serving financial institutions. Her expertise has been published m national, state and local business publications. -

Her motivation to start a business was her first daughter Rachael. "I needed a more flexible work schedule to spend time with her. My husband Ed was my coach, encouraging me to take the leap."
With a computer, a fax and telephone, she started The Marketing Edge as sole proprietorship.

Three years later and another daughter, Brady incorporated under Marakae Marketing, Inc. - Strategies That Get You Noticed. Marakae is pronounced Ma Ra (long "a") and Kae (long "a").

She said, "Ed thought of the name as we were visiting a friend at McKeesPoint. 'The Marakae' would be a good name for a boat - the combination of the first syllables in Maria, Rachael and Kailey', he
said. I needed a name, so I picked it."

Brady has joined the growing trend of women-owned businesses., The Small Business Administration predicts that women will own 35 per cent of small businesses by 2000. Like Marakae Marketing, more than half of all women-owned businesses are categorized in the service sector.

Nearly three-fourths of women-owned firms were still in business three years later, compared to two-thirds of all U.S. firms.

"As a volunteer at The National Education Center for Women in Business, I learned what was needed to start a business," she said. "Although, I believe entrepreneurship is in my blood - both my grand parents and parents owned restaurants in McKeesport."

It is not uncommon for Brady to take her children to the local printers or on other business-related errands. KC Grapes from Adworks, Inc., in Irwin even offers her daughters as built-in babysitters while they conduct a meeting.

In-home childcare provides the support to effectively work during "normal" business hours. "It's great to know my kids can see me when they want by just coming in my office. Or, I can be there- when they don't feel well."

She admits it sometimes gets crowded in her office with project files and toys.

"I enjoy my success because I'm with my kids and can still grow in my career. My Mom and husband offer great sup port - no one can do it alone," she said.

She offers the following work-at-home tips:

* Be very disciplined - set goals and achieve them.

* Establish parameters with your kids - when they see you on the phone, they can't interrupt.

* Create a space for them in your office where they can play. They will learn from you and imitate you. Create a folder with their name on it and put special messages or coloring pages in their "project" folder.

* Don't mix household chores with business goals - focus on business during business hours.

* Limit trips to the kitchen or you'll be making plans for a diet.



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