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Types Of Strategy Planning

Strategic Planning
Formalize the vision for your company with a solid strategic plan. We'll help you to understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. By developing a plan, goals are defined, tactics established and people are held accountable.

Event Coordination
Add another dimension to your next special event by using the creativity of Marakae Marketing. We have hosted successful grand openings, cocktail receptions, and open houses.

Outsource the coordination of the entire event or a portion. Allow us to design a memorable invitation to kick off your event.

Tactical Planning
Support your strategic plan with specific tactics that help you achieve your overall goals. A tactical plan can be used for a specific campaign, product launch or other promotion that helps build awareness.

Media Planning
Optimize your media budget with an effective plan that targets your audience and utilizes your budget. We can review your market place and existing contracts to identify opportunities.

Project Management
Overloaded with work? You can ask Marakae Marketing to manage your project overload. Our organizational skills can help your project stay on course and reach a successful completion.

Project estimates are tailored to your individual needs and provided upon request.

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